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What is deltagamers

Deltagamers is a gameing community which both supports and also hosts its own games. The communit has been growing substatialy since it started in early months of 2011 under the name of XeonGamers which was latter changed to the name it has now. Deltagamers started as a gameing forum but slowly started to move into createing its own gameing servers and also expanding the deltagamers brand in anyways its users and admin saw was fiting.
DeltaGamers Dreamworld Trailer

DeltaGamers Dreamworld Trailer

Video of the month. (Dreamworld trailer created by BioDevil)

Deltagamers servers

A huge part of Deltagamers is the servers it runs. As a gameing community it is allways makeing new game servers of existing games. At the moment it is focusing on Minecraft with a lot of the servers being a moded version of the single player game both classic and beta. As well as its most populer and still open Minecraft servers it has also has made a fair amount of servers based on other games. These servers have however not been used and thus closed indefinitely. A list of deltagamers servers with a small discription are as followed:

Minecraft Classic

DreamWorld The Deltagamer's DreamWorld ® server is one in which you are given your own map to earn ranks. Each person gets a map which is 64x64x64.

Lava Survival The Deltagamer's Lava Survival server is one in which you and your fellow minecrafters come together too build structures and
shelters too provide protection from the Sky High lava wave that comes pummeling down within 17:30 minute game!

Minecraft Beta

SMP SMP, otherwise known as Survival Multi Player is a server which is currently in development stages.

AMP (Arena Multi Player) Our AMP server is the only server of it's kind today. It allows players too battle many creatures in a selection of arenas for experience and money (Cubes). More experienced players are capable of buying better equipment, earning more money (Cubes), and completing harder difficulties whilst in the arenas.

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