The guest rank is the first and also the default rank given to any new visitor of our servers. This rank is also the rank that anyone stays at unless they become a member at At this rank the colour your name is, is a light gray. The guest rank gets the Command limit of 1 and have a set permission of 0. Which means the guest rank has a couple more commands than the Banned user, but still can not do much. The rank down from this is Banned and the rank above is Member

What the rank entailsEdit

While a guest in freebuild you only have the ability to build within the guest world. At guest rank you are also limited to the commnads you can use and can only use a small amount of the large variaty of commands on offer with in freebuild.

On the dreamworld server you are still entitled to a 64x64x64 squeare map although when on this map you can not dig as nearly as far down as other ranks meaning your map even though not smaller is a lot less accessible.

===Lava Survival===
You can get lava coins like everyone else and join in with the server allthough you can not do anything with the coins becouse you do not get access to the /store command whilst playing in our Lava Survival server as only members+ can do so. This means you miss a large ammount of the lava survival server.

Commands they can useEdit