The Lava Survival server is a competative server which has a large element of lone wolf game. The server was created around the same time as delta gamers formed as a forum. The server has a high capacity and thus is able to connect a lot of people simultaneously.





A guide to all of the lava survival commands can be found here Lava Survival Command Guide

CompetitonsEdit Hot Coins 4.1

The Hotcoins Logo (created by franciumfr)

There is only one competions that is currently runing on the Lava survival server which is the Hot Coins. the competition is somewhat like virtual gambling but not exactly the same and at the moment no real life prizes or money can be won. The main objective of the competiton is to achieve the most lava coins that you can which the time period of a week. To enter the competition you must buy your way in with 50 Lava Coins. At the end of the week the person with the most coins will win everything in the money pot which has been collected from all the buy ins.


There has been a number of managers for the lava server. At the moment the manager is Zeco63. The other managers of this server have been:



This was the first Minecraft server and is the most popular server hosted by



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